MUST SEE, SHORTER (a cup of coffee or a beer will do)

Number 19-21

Stifling speech on campus,
the Colleges with worst restrictions
Peter Hitchens -StopThe “Counter
Terrorism&Security Bill”

Ben Shapiro
-The Truth About Planned Parenthood

Number 22-24

Ben Shapiro: Women Are Winning
the War on Women

Douglas Murray & Maryam Namazie
-The Pro-Islamist Left

Thomas Sowell Dismantles Feminism and
Racialism in under 5 Minutes

Number 25-27

TheRebel: Germany: Over 100 ISIS
sleeper cells made up of Muslim “migrants”

Douglas Murray and Michael Coren: Islamic grooming rings
TheRebel -Censorship of Cologne rapes,
how Breitbart London scooped German press

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