Number 1-3

Mark Steyn
-“I believe in Free Speech but..”

Bill Maher & Dennis Miller
-Free Speech vs Political Correctness

Christopher Hitchens -Freedom of speech
must include license to offend

Number 4-6

Ezra Levant interrogation
-“What was your intent?”

Christopher Hitchens
– Free Speech (Full)

Mark Steyn (Australia 2012)
-Freedom of Speech Tour

Number 7-9

Christopher Hitchens (2007)
-Danish Muhammad Cartoons

Ben Shapiro
-The First Amendment is Dead
Peter Hitchens -Freedom of Speech
and the Right to Offend

Number 10-12

-The Least Free Place in America
-Stifling speech
Colleges with worst restrictions

-Free speech panel discussion
Mark Steyn, Janet Albrechtsen 

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