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Number 709-711

If Freedom Is Lost… (Hungarian revolution anniversary speech) | Viktor Orban
Mark Dice
-Top 10 CNN Fails of the Year 😂

TankeKrim Episode 5 – The Generation identity (and how the media lies)

Number 706-708

-Is Fascism Right Or Left?

Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux
-Tax Cut Insanity

Matt Christiansen -“Jordan Peterson is the Stupid Man’s Smart Person” -Hit Piece

Number 703-705

TankeKrim Ep.3 – Islam or Postmodernism/ Socialism; What is the biggest threat?
Jordan B. Peterson -Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege
LibertyPen w/Stefan Molyneux -The High Stakes of PC Culture Wars

Number 700-702

The Glazov Gang -Bosch Fawstin on “The Infidel, Featuring Pigman.”
TEDxHouston 2013 w/Don Pettit -The tyranny of the rocket equation
Brittany Pettibone -Fighting Islamization With Tommy Robinson

Number 697-699

Gad Saad -My Chat with Laurier TA Lindsay ShepherdVladTepesblog w/Michael Hansen Ottawa Library cancel ‘Killing Europe’ movieKatie Hopkins
-Get Furious and Fight Back

Number 694-696

Vlad Tepesblog -Orban speech: “ready to fight Soros Empire”
JoeDanMedia -Sex, Uranium & Rock & Roll – Intellectual Froglegs (Fantastic Humor!)
Bullshit Man -Exposing George “Billionaire Puppet-Master” Soros

Number 691-693

Tommy Robinson@RebelMedia -Troll Watch 2 (Mainstream Media Edition)
Millennial Millie -Liberals ‘Drag’ Kids Into Early Sexualization
Mark Dice
-Trump Drinks Liberal Tears 😂

Number 688-690

Stefan Molyneux w/Tommy Robinson -Poland: Nationalism Rising
Tundra -FinnsParty presidential candidate Laura Huhtasaari talks free speech
Brittany Pettibone
-The Great Replacement

Number 685-687

Black Pigeon -Shibuya (TOKYO) Halloween: A LIBERAL NIGHTMARE MADE REAL
ComputingForeer -China’s Nightmarish Social Credit System
Sargon of Akkad
-This Week in Stupid (05/11/2017)

Number 682-684

Prof. Jordan B. Peterson

Brittany Pettibone -How Hungary Cut Illegal Immigration By Over 99%
Angry Foreigner & Gavin McInnes
-On Feminist Hatefucking

Number 679-681

Brittany Pettybone w/Martin Sellner -What is Generation Identity?Intellectual Froglegs w/Joe Dan
-Traitors and Lunatics
Liz Wheeler plus Tucker Carlson -Professor says Maths is RACIST

Number 676-678

-Roger Stone Suspended by Twitter

Stefan Molyneux -The Truth About The Fusion GPS Dossier Collusion Scandal
Computing Forever & 1 Year Later (review)

Number 673-675

Judicial Watch -Clinton/Russia, FBI Coverup of Clinton/Lynch Meeting, Abedin/Weiner
Lauren Southern -America’s Downfall: Divide and Conquer
Lauren Southern -Millennials are Being Set Up for Loneliness

Number 670-672

Stefan Molyneux
-Shocking FBI Corruption Exposed

Computing Forever -Technocratic Dystopia & The Facial Recognition Nightmare
Styxhex666 -ProjectVeritas confirm Youtube Manipulated by MSM, NYT Deflects

Number 667-669

Styxhexenhammer666 -How the Old Media Attacks the New (Part One)
Stefan Molyneux

Brit Girl
-Multiculturalism is it working??…

Number 664-666

Black Pigeon Speaks -EU’s ROGUE STATE: Hungary DEFIANT
Jordan B Peterson w/Camille Paglia -Modern Times
-Milo Clubs The BBC to Death … Again

Number 661-663

Stefan Molyneux -The Hidden History of Western CivilizationStyxhexenhammer666 -No, Trump Did Not Cave on Border Wall (DACA)Blonde in the Belly of the Beast -Don’t Be Evil | Oh Really, Google?

Number 658-660

David Wood@Acts17 w/Robert Spencer -Allah: The Author of Islamophobia
Lauren Southern -The Great Replacement (White Genocide)
Sam Harris Announces His Departure from Patreon – Find out Why!

Number 655-657

Culture Report -Lauren Southern on The Battle for Western Civilisation
Pat Condell
-Europa dreper seg selv

Paul J Watson w/Styxhexenh666 -The REAL Agenda Behind YouTube Censorship

Number 652-654

CSPAN BookTV -Interview with Milo Yiannopoulos
Blaire White -Questions Black People Have For White People
-Does Free Speech Offend You?

Number 649-651

Stefan Molyneux w/Ezra Levant -The Ugly Truth About Christian Genocide
Dave Rubin w/Katie Hopkins -Identity Politics, Islam, and Hate Speech
Black Pigeon Speaks -STASI-esque YouTube: Suppressing Dissenting Speech

Number 646-648

Faith Goldy@Rebel Media -Islamophilic BBC tries to normalize niqab
Gavin McInnes@Rebel Media -ADL should target real anti-Semites
Styxhexenhammer666 -Mueller Gets Grand Jury; MSM Rambles about Impeachment

Number 643-645

Tara McCarthy -How We Know The Migrant Crisis Isn’t About Genuine RefugeesStefan Molyneux -The End of Diversity? Prepare Yourself AccordinglyJordan B Peterson
-Postmodernism: practice and pathology

Number 640-642

BlackPigeonSpeaks -ALT-RIGHT / ALT-LITE, ADL’s Manufactured Thought CRIMINALS
MILO -The Milo-interview NPR Refuses To Broadcast
Paul Joseph Watson -Linda Sarsour is a Complete Idiot

Number 637-639

Virtue of The West w/Bill Warner -Is Political Islam a Threat to Western Civilization?
Andrew Klavan@DailyWire -MSM Bombshell: Trump! Russia! Nothing!
Jordan B. Peterson -Existentialism via Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag

Number 634-636

Stefan Molyneux w/Douglas Murray-The Strange Death of Europe
Paul Joseph Watson
-George Clooney is a Complete Idiot

H.A. Goodman -Trump exposes Podesta refusing to give DNC servers to FBI & CIA

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